venerdì 12 giugno 2020


We are glad to announce a game that most gamers have been awaiting for many years:

FLORENZA X ANNIVERSARY will be released in October!

Originally released in 2010 and then reprinted in 2014, Florenza has a special place in the heart of many gamers who love complex resource management games, including us publishers, of course.
In this edition, in addition to new graphics and materials, we have also updated some rules, making them more elegant and taking a bit also from Florenza Card Game and Florenza Dice Game, both released after the original. We think it all resulted in a winning assembly, which will excite you more than ever.

Are you curious? Here’s the list of the main new features!

  • This edition includes Captains of Fortune, released in 2014 as a micro-expansion, with revised and more balanced effects, drawing inspiration from Florenza Card Game: War & Religion.
  • It also includes the card Muse, released as a promo card in 2015. 
  • The game is 7 round long instead of 8 and players start with 3 Kinsmen instead of 4, but Workshop,  Preachers and Incomes have richer, more powerful and varied effects. In this way the game duration is reduced, but every single action is more substantial and effective, greatly increasing strategic and tactical options. 
  • The Market management is more coherent with all other mechanics, giving the player increased flexibility in their choices. 
  • The determination of Bishop and Cardinal is simpler, more similar to that of Captain of the People. 
  • Furthermore, we worked hard to introduce the Solo Mode, totally new, to allow you the possibility of playing when your friends can’t… Or to train to defeat them as soon as you play with them! 
  • To all this is added the renovation of game materials: more visible Workshops, cardboard Prestige Points and, most of all, shaped Kinsmen and Resources!

Florenza X Anniversary will be released in October, at the suggested price of € 49,99
Author: Stefano Groppi, with development by P.S. Martensen 
Illustrations: Ivan Zoni, Sara Gioria 
Artwork: Paolo Vallerga / Scribabs
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